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6. strong-minded [str?? 'ma?nd?d] adj. 意志坚强的
strong-minded =iron-willed=resolute=determined

7. verify ['ver?fa?]
v. 证实,核实
verify data / details证实数据、细节
同义词: testify
testify against sb. / in favor of sb. 指证某人、为某人作证
The end justifies the means. 结局证明手段是正当的。

8. contented [k?n'tent?d] adj. 心满意足的
a contented heart 心满意足
a contented smile心满意足的笑
Whenever he returns to this place he is happy and contented.
be content with … 
be content to do …
He is content with his present job.

9. tend to do倾向于做…
同义短语:have a tendency to do= be inclined to do=be apt to do=intend to do=mean to do=be going to do=plan to do =have every intention of doing
反义短语:have no intention of doing
I had no intention of buying one, but I could not conceal the fact that I was impressed by the size of the diamonds.

10.… without being conscious of doing so.没有意识到…
They disregard social conventions without being conscious that they are doing anything extraordinary.
同义短语:… (being) unaware / unconscious of doing so.
He used to sleep during the day and work at night, quite unaware of the fact that he had become the ghost of Endley.
delightful surprise painful joy
sweet sorrow hating love
mixed feelings / emotions
Those who never have to move house become indiscriminate collectors of what can only be 

11. move house / home搬家
We’re moving house / home next week. 我们下星期搬家。
同义短语:up sticks / pull up stakes
This is the fourth time in five years that we've had to up sticks / pull up stakes. 这是今年第五次搬家。


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